"Gold Award" in New York 2014-2015.


The variety Hojiblanca originates in Cordoba. This is an Unfiltered Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is slightly bitter and spicy, leaving a sweet aftertaste. It has ripe fruit aroma and a hint of avvocado. Soft flavour. It has a great personality and due to its abundance of aromas it is ideal to bring out the flavour of blue fish, such as salmon and tuna, and to be used in fish or meat carpaccio. The intense flavour of this EVOO together with the enormous diversity of its nuances, make of it the ideal oil to be used uncooked, marinating any dish, but it is not recommended for cooking with the exception of confectionery and desserts.


SKU: CC-01-007-500

      • Cold Extraction
      • Unfiltered
      • Collected from the tree before olives fall
      • Soft touches of bitter and slightly spicy, with a soft sweet aftertaste
      • Ripe fruit (avvocado)
      • Golden colour
      • Soft flavour
    • USE
      • Blue fish such as salmon or tuna
      • Meat or fish Carpaccio
      • Uncooked marinating any dishes
      • Confectionery and Patisserie
    • TERMS
      • Product bottled after order has been confirmed and accepted to guarantee its taste and health properties.
      • Spanish Product.
      • Regrettably, food products may not be returned or refunded.
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