Cured pork loin from the mountains of Huelva, Spain, made from pigs of the Iberian breed fed with acorns. This cut of the pork (the ileoespinal muscle) is treated with paprika and cured in a natural tripe. This method extends the curing process by several months but gives it its exceptional flavour.   It is made by a family business following traditional-artisan processes.

RED LOMO IBÉRICO DE BELLOTA (Iberico bellota red cured pork loin)

    • From de Huelva sierra.
    • Family business
    • Limited production
    • Very exclusive
    • Made with pork loin and fat obtained from Iberian pigs fed with acorns and free range.
    • Totally natural ingredients.
    • Increases levels of good cholesterol.
    • The perfect present
    • Product of Spain
    • Quality certified: Ibérico products are subject to very stringent legislation in order to protect customers from false imitations and to guarantee the quality of the product.
    • Formats:  100 gr y 250 gr.


    Regrettably, food products are non-returnable

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