Jamón serrano from the sierra in Huelva, Spain, from Iberic breed pigs fed with acorns, giving it its incomparable taste. Produced by a family business following traditional methods and totally artisan.   Ibérico ham is distinguishable for its texture, aroma and inimitable taste. The meat has a delicate taste, not salty, sweet and with a very pleasant aroma. The taste changes in proportion to the number of acorns eaten by the pigs and the amount of exercise.


    • From de Huelva sierra.
    • Family business
    • Limited production
    • Very exclusive
    • Made with pork loin and fat obtained from Iberian pigs fed with acorns and free range.
    • Totally natural ingredients.
    • Increases levels of good cholesterol
    • The perfect present
    • Product of Spain
    • Quality certified: Ibérico products are subject to very stringent legislation in order to protect customers from false imitations and to guarantee the quality of the product.
    • Formats:  100 gr y 250 gr.


    Regrettably, food products are non-returnable.

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