The juice obtained from the variety of olives called Manzanilla Cacerena, harvested when the fruit is beginning to change colour (when it is at its optimum ripeness) is well balanced between spicy, bitter, sweet and green fruit reminiscent of grass freshly cut. It also has a green apple and tomato flavour making of this oil an authentic perfume for our best dishes.

The olives are harvested early (October) to guarantee the highest level of polyphenols (antioxidants). The juice is cold extracted within 3 hours from the moment the olives are harvested to preserved the taste and qualities.  It is worth highlighting the high concentration of Oleic Acid, which is a monosaturated fatty acid belonging to the series Omega9. Olive oil has a concentration of Oleic Acid of between 55 and 80%, in Manzanilla Cacereña it varies from  78 and 80%. Oleic Acid reduces heart disease. Very limited production. Very versatile.

It is very good uncooked with salads, vegetables and grilled fish, or to complement a good breakfast.



      • Cold Extraction
      • Early Harvest (October), to guarantee the highest levels of polyphenols
      • Extracted within 3 hours
      • Fruit collected from tree before it falls.
      • Fluid
      • Green fruit (freshly cut grass, green apple, tomatoes)
      • Medium intensity
      • Spicy, bitter and sweet taste very well balanced.
    • USE
      • Cheeses
      • Salads
      • Vegetables
      • Grilled fish
      • Breakfast
    • TERMS
      • Product bottled after order has been confirmed and accepted to guarantee its taste and health properties.
      • Spanish Product.
      • Very limited production
      • Regrettably, food products may not be returned or refunded.
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