Unfiltered. The olive Picudo variety is one of the varieties with most olive tasting points. Highly oxidable, the oil extracted from this variety is very delicate, not bitter and intensely fruity, with many tinges; it produces very authentic sensation in the palate, soft flavours and aromas evoking exotic fruits, tomatoes and even apple and almonds. It has a very high content of linoleic acid and the taste fluctuates between intense fruit to soft sweet and the colour is yellow with hints of green.



      • Cold Extraction
      • Unfiltered
      • Collected from the tree before olives fall
      • Sweet and balanced
      • Fruty with many nuances (exotic fruits, apples, almonds, tomatoes)
      • Not bitter
    • USE
      • Risotto
      • Stews, meats, and poultry
      • Uncooked (toats and salads) and for frying adding ideal crunchiness
      • White fish
      • Carpaccio
      • Emulsions
      • Sauces for pasta and tomato sauce
    • TERMS
      • Product bottled after order has been confirmed and accepted to guarantee its taste and health properties.
      • Spanish Product.


    Regrettably, food products may not be returned or refunded.

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