Aromatized with natural White truffle, resting and macerating inside the bottle which makes of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil a olive a luxurious condiment adding a very special exotic touch to your dishes. Truffles belong to the family of Fungus and they grow in symbiosis with the roots of trees such as walnut, oak, holm oak and chestnut trees.  White truffle is the most sought-after variety, due to the difficulty in finding it. White truffle oil has a stronger flavour tan black truffle oil and much more intense than the normal EVOO. Some of the best dishes for this oil are pasta dishes and dishes where the egg is the star. It is ideal for fried eggs and chips adding a few drops of white truffle oil at the end or with spaghetti with parmigian cheese and a few drops of White truffle oil.



      • Cold Extraction
      • Unfiltered
      • Harvested from the tree before olives fall
      • Macerated inside de bottle
      •  Intense fruity taste (green olive and tomato)
      •  Very well balanced
    • USE
      • Pasta
      • Eggs
      • Potatoes
      • Vegetables
      • Fish
      • Asian Cuisine
    • TERMS
      • Product bottled after order has been confirmed and accepted to guarantee its taste and health properties.
      • Spanish Product.


    Regrettably, food products may not be returned or refunded.

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